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On Thursday 2 June 2022, the International Lawyers and Economists for Development ( had the privilege of participating in the Asian Harvest Festival, organized by the Asian Ambassador’s Wife Association of Geneva (AAWAG) with the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Thanks to the invitation from and support of the AAWAG, was able run a stall where it exhibited beautiful, environmentally-friendly hand-made crafts from women entrepreneurs. These visionary women are participating in the project on “Empowering Women in Arts and Crafts for Economic Value in Uganda”, which is jointly run by and Grooming a Successful Woman with Intellectual Mind (GSWIM).

Thanks to different people who believe in these women and support them to become better entrepreneurs and earn a decent living for themselves and their families. The Director-General of WIPO, Mr Daren Tang, took time to honour the women’s work by visiting the exhibition stand where he appreciated the work they are doing.

Director-General of WIPO, Mr Daren Tang and his wife at the Stand (Video by

Special mention goes to Ms Asaba Destiny Rachel, project coordinator who tirelessly visits the visionary women and monitors their progress.

Asaba Destiny Rachel , Project Coordinator, helping to perfect bag-making (photo credit by GSWIM)

The exhibition wouldn’t take place without the helping hands and minds. From mobilizing the women and their crafts, carrying the crafts to Geneva, designing and printing promotional materials, setting up the stall, selling the items, to financial support.

In other words, the overwhelming support speaks to the value and meaning of what the various women are doing. Thank you so much for supporting their journey.

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