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Group photo_slightly dark_edited_edited_ and URSB entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to harness the value of IP for women and girls engaged in MSMEs

In November 2023, the International Lawyers and Economists for Development ( and the Uganda Registration Services Burueau (URSB) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim of harnessing the value of IP for women and firls in MSMEs and strengthening their capacity to make effective use of IP tools to support their entrepreneurial activities.

For its first activity under the MoU, and URSB held a training workshop on Technology and Traditional Knowledge for women and girls in MSMEs. The workshop provided a platform to discuss legal and regulatory frameworks that safeguard traditional knowledge in the context of evolving technologies., as an organization of legal and economic experts, brought valuable insights into the legal dimensions of the relationship between technology and traditional knowledge. The workshop benefitted from's expertise in navigating the intersection of law, economics, and development. Specifically, this will be through creating a relationship between traditional knowledge and technology, as well as access to markets for Uganda’s TK products and services. Further, Uganda's national Development Plan emphasizes the importance of preserving cultural heritage and promoting innovation for economic growth. The workshop supported these objectives by addressing the challenges and opportunities arising from the intersection of technology and traditional knowledge. It served as a platform for capacity building, educating stakeholders on best practices, legal frameworks, and sustainable approaches to balancing technological advancements with cultural preservation. Women received hands-on training on running TK-based businesses. The outcomes included increased awareness on TK and how TK-based businesses can benefit from technology to reach local and international markets. For tangible outcomes, there is a follow-up on the participants with targetted training and mentoring of small groups, starting in July this year. Snippets of the facilitation, as told in images, follow. Special thanks to the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) for their support and to our sponsors, including the Ruth family and Gabrielle Marceau.


Opening remarks and Keynote Address by Ms Rita Namakiika Nangono, N&N Advocates, Vice President of and Head of Uganda.


Mr Kafunjo Twinomujuni, manager, Traditional Knowledge, URSB, providing an introduction to TK

Freda Bwizi Nayebare_URSB_Speech_banners_for web.jpeg

Ms Freda Brizi Nayebare (above), Director of Planning, URSB, giving Registrar-General's speech

Ms Charlotte Kazoora (below), CEO & Founder, Bamukisa Women Development Uganda, shared her personal experience on trading in TK-based products and provided very useful strategies on becoming a successful business woman.

Charlotte_Personal Experience Trading in
Anthony_Kakooza_TK-and-Technology_threats and opportunities.jpeg

Dr Anthony Kakooza, Byenkya, Kihika & Co Advocates/, teaching on Commercializing Traditional Knowledge in the digital age

Paula Musiitwa_Preparing TK goods for International Market_ 2024-04-12 at 20.24.31.jpeg

Ms Paula Musiitwa, ABNO Advocates and Secretary, Buganda Traditional Knowledge Committee, provided practical teaching on preparing TK goods and services for the international market.

Ladies with Participant Certificates 2024-04-12 at 20.25.14.jpeg

Taking a certificate home after a useful workshop creates lasting memories, so ILaED.rg ensures every participant gets one, for free.

Gilbert Agaba_Director IP_Closing Remarks.JPG

Mr Gilbert Agaba, Director Intellectual Property, URSB, providing closing remarks. He provided practical examples on how to create and successfully run a TK-based business.

Selling at Workshop.JPG

Ladies were happy to exhibit and sell some of their products at the workshop. For more information on how to exhibit at our events, please send us a message

The team, without whom the workshop would not have taken place. (L-R) Steven Baryevuma, Communication and Corporate Affairs Officer, URSB, ensuring smooth flow of the program; Michael Wabugo, Senior Traditional Knowledge Officer together with Mary, Traditional Knowledge officer, URSB, making sure visionary women attend the workshop; and Cathy Angiji N&N Advocates is the fastest and most efficient person was lucky to have organizing the workshop with dedication.

Sarah Rukundo_Photo.jpg

Ms Sarah Rukundo, Compliance and Enforcement Officer, URSB, the visionary lady who birthed the MoU between and URSB

Ms Grace Tetley, Communications manager,, the one who keeps everything moving

Grace Tetley.webp
Michael Wabugo_Senior Traditional Knowledge Officer.JPG
Cathy at Registration table_2024-04-12 at 13.30.31.jpeg
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