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Celebrating Women's Voice, Innovation and creativity at FOWODE

The Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWOD) would like to establish a women's Centre, the first of it's kind in Uganda. As part of awareness raising and fundraising, it will be organising the Imara Girls Festival that is scheduled for 16th September at KatiKati starting at 9am. You are invited to attend the Festival that will have lots of educative and fun activities. You can come with your family members and also invite your neighbours. Come let's have fun together as we contribute to a worthy cause! I hope to see you there!! We will have interesting peer learning sessions led by the best. A bunch of benefits for you, your daughters, sisters, sisters-in-law to learn and network: - awareness raising - education - fun - networking - marketing your business

So yes, you have an opportunity to exhibit . Please find the relevant contacts below.

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