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Masaai Art and Traditional Knowledge in a conversation with Amb Bitange Ndemo

Are you curious about the state of Masaai traditional arts and culture? 🎨🌍 Join us for a captivating webinar where we delve into the vibrant world of Masaai heritage, exploring its impact, intellectual property protection efforts, and future expectations. 🔍 Our Key Objectives: 1️⃣ Examine the Impact: We'll comprehensively assess the effects of copying and appropriation on the Masaai community, considering both positive and negative consequences. 2️⃣ IP Protection Efforts: Gain insights into ongoing efforts by organizations like WIPO to safeguard Masaai cultural heritage and intellectual property. 3️⃣ Future Expectations: Explore potential developments and strategies for preserving and respecting this rich cultural heritage. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding Masaai traditional arts and culture. Let's promote dialogue and collaboration to ensure the vitality and integrity of this invaluable heritage. 🎤Speakers: Amb - Prof Bitange Ndemo - Kenya's Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and European Union. Dorothy Mashipei - CEO / National Coordinator, Masaai Concilia Were - LEGAL OFFICER AND ASSISTANT REGISTRAR OF TRADE MARKS, Kenya Industrial Property Institute Sanaz Javadi Farahzadi - IP Lawyer, International adviser, Mentor, TED talk speaker, 🎤Moderators: Susan Isiko Strba - Co-Founder and Senior Research and Policy Advisor,,, Jennifer Moriconi - Founder of @OWIT Brussels and Director of YULCOM Technologies Brussels. THIS DISCUSSION IN CO-ORGANIZED BY: ✅ ✅ OWIT KENYA ✅ OWIT Brussels

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