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Donations of Change for Season’s Greetings

This report provides a summary of the activities of from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023.

Project on Women in Arts and Crafts

In partnership with Grooming a Successful Woman with intellectual mind (GSWIM), ran the project on Women in Arts and Crafts. Activities have included teaching, training, mentoring of the Women involved and commercialization (finding markets) of some of their products through international exhibitions and sales. As a result, several women made beautiful products, many of which were sold in international markets.

Project on Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurial Growth has provided seed funding to 16 women entrepreneurs in two villages. Women have testified to having expanded their businesses and saving some money, thanks to the interest-free loans that provides. Women have used the skills and the seed money provided to them to expand their businesses (please see video: Women were also able to save and plan to invest thus living a more comfortable life than before extended help (please see video here:

Training activities in partnership with Phenomenal Women Global (PWG). 

Within the framework of the Executive Entrepreneurial Master Class, has provided training on legal and intellectual property aspects of business in Switzerland and LDCs as well as training on electronic commerce and business.

Celebrating World intellectual Property month 2023 in partnership with OWIT Brussels organized a webinar with the collaboration of the Organization of Women in International Trade, Brussels Chapter (OWIT Brussels), to celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day 2023 (WIPD). The training webinar focused on women-owned businesses in the textile sector. 

The Attendees asked for recurrent training on various topics that can lead to economic empowerment.

Workshop on the Celebrating the World Intellectual Property Day (WIPD) in Uganda

In partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities of Uganda and in collaboration with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau and SCECK Consults, conducted the WIPD workshop under the theme “Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day in Uganda: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity of Women Entrepreneurs”. The 76 participants who were taught by hand-picked experts reported having learnt a lot about the importance of and how to use intellectual property in their businesses as well as how to use traditional knowledge and technology to better their businesses while remaining environmentally cautious. A follow-up workshop is envisaged in April 2024.

Webinar on Maasai culture and arts

In collaboration with OWIT Brussels, held a webinar entitled “Protecting Maasai Art and Culture: A conversation with Ambassador Professor Elijah Bitange Ndemo”. The Webinar discussed the use of Maasai tradition knowledge in business, especially by the design industry. As a follow up, the organizers are working on a project that will help commercialize Maasai products through the use of electronic commerce

Workshop on use of intellectual property and traditional knowledge in business

The workshop was organized by Handywomen Skills School Centre ( in partnership with and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). On day one, Ms Paula Musiitwa taught the importance of intellectual property in protecting the traditional knowledge of entrepreneurs and how to commercialize traditional knowledge-based products. Day two was dedicated to mentoring women on how to make creative and beautiful crafts which can attract buyers. Handywomen mobilized Ms Cissy Nagawa to teach practical skills to the participants. The women taught or mentored are determined to continue working towards expanding their small business. We will follow up with more mentoring sessions at the beginning of 2024.

Mentoring of Smart Girls Uganda

In November 2023, provided mentorship to Smart Girls Uganda on how to use tools like trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, branding, electronic commerce and trade to boost sale of their EcoJua Smart Bag.

With the help of, the enterprise is in the process of getting Certification and Trademark for the EcoJua Smart Bag. It has also rebranded its bag from simply “Smart Bag” to “EcoJua Smart Bag”.

Thank You! All this was possible because of your belief in us and support of what we do. So we thank you!!

Donation of Change: Celebrate the end of Year by Supporting a Woman

We are determined to do more next year, together. You can make this a reality by supporting a woman by a contribution as small as 5 francs and as big as you choose to value the women we support. Please donate here to change a woman’s life. (Please click Donations, then “other” or click on any of the amounts indicated).

All the best for the end of year celebrations!!!

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