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Thanks to the women entrepreneurs and men supporters who participated in our Masterclass on entrepreneurship that took place on 25 and 27 May 2021. We are encouraged by enthusiastic participants who seriously took notes as we explained the role of intellectual property in the success of a business.
​ILaED.ORG is privileged to co-sponsor the entrepreneurship masterclass organized by phenomenalwomenglobal.
Entrepreneurship Master Class_25 and 27
Uganda Women Enterpreneurs and International IP Day
National Workshop_IP and Women_Uganda_ba was privileged to participate in a three day workshop (26 to 28 April) on branding and product development. We provided expert training to women entrepreneurs in Uganda. This group of innovative, creative and visionary women wants to use intellectual property for their economic development. What a fulfilling way to celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day! Thanks to WIPO, GSWIM and the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs of Uganda for this opportunity.

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