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Empowering Women


Support, Educate and Inspire Women and Girls"

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We target economic empowerment of  women and girls through sustainable technical assistance, consulting services, research as well as policy advice in core areas of trade,  intellectual property, technology, regional integration and gender

We provide technical and policy advice on  current and future interaction of intellectual property with women's and girl's education, health, food, governance, innovation and public private partnerships

We research and provide technical advice and training relating to the place and role of women and girls in trade, especially e-commerce or digital trade.


We research and provide training, as well as policy and technical advice on the impact of technology on women's, economic empowerment, health and innovation.

We provide advice and technical assistance on trade and women's economic empowerment and health, including migrant women.

We provide targeted technical assistance to women and girls on use of intellectual property for economic development, use of trade and technology in entrepreneurship and impact of the AfCFTA.

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Grooming Successful Woman
with Intellectual Mind (GSWIM)

KilSah Consulting

from Woman to Woman (W2W)

Phenomenal Women Global (PWG)

Root Crowd Management Consulting Ltd

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